Anabar massif

ANABAR MASSIF, Anabar shield, Anabar anteclise, (RU: Анабарский массив) is the protrusion of the pre-Cambrian basement at the north of the Siberian platform, which is coinciding with the modern Anabar plateau (altitude more than 900 metres).

Anabar massif is surrounded by the cover of the platform depositions, namely, the Upper Proterozoic at the north, west, and east, and Cambrian at the south. There is situated at the northern edge of the Anabar massif the Popigai meteoritic crater. Anabar massif is formed mainly of the Archean (more than 3.5 billion years) gneisses, schists, less often of the marbles of the granulite facies of the regional metamorphism, which experienced later (2.5-1.5 billion years) at least two-act granitization, introduction of the large intrusions of anorthosites, and strong retrograde metamorphism along the meridional zones of the faults. The clastic depositions of the Early Proterozoic are preserved only at the west. At the platform stage of the development of the Anabar massif, it has been repeatedly flooded by the sea, here introduced themselves the small intrusions of dolerites and kimberlites. There are associated with the pre-Cambrian of the Anabar massif the manifestations of iron, micas, titanium.