AMAZONITE (from the name of the Amazon river, where it has been found for the first time * EN: amazonite; DE: Amazonenstein; FR: amazonite; ES: amazonita; RU: амазонит) is the mineral, highly ordered variety of the microcline of the bluish-green, turquoise, or bright green colour.

The lustre is glassy, to pearlescent (on the planes of the cleavage). There are common there the perthitic intergrowths of the white albite, which are forming the characteristical "hatched" pattern. The colour is caused by the isomorphous admixture of Pb+. The characteristical admixtures are: Rb, Cs, Pb.

The types of the deposits are: the granitic amazonite pegmatites, mainly of the rare-earth and rare-metal formations, the albite-amazonite granites and associated quartz-amazonite veins. Amazonite is the beautiful ornamental stone.

Amazonite granites are used as the decorative-facing material; they are commonly tantalum- and tin-bearing. The main deposits of the ornamental amazonites are: within the USSR (the Ploskaya mountain at the Kola peninsula, Ilmenskie mountains at the Urals), Madagascar (Antananarivo), Zimbabwe (Shimanda), and the USA (Rutherford, within the Virginia state).