AMAX Inc. (American Metal Climax Inc.)

"AMAX" (EN: "American Metal Climax Inc."; RU: "Амакс") is the mining multinational monopoly of the USA. It has been founded in 1887 in New York with the "American Metal Co. Ltd." name. After the merger in 1957 with "Climax Molybdenum Co.", it has got the "American Metal Climax Inc." ("Amax Inc.") name; it has been renamed to "AMAX" in 1974. It holds the 2nd place among the companies of the industrialized capitalistic and developing countries in the volume of the supplies of the tungsten concentrate; it is the largest producer of molybdenum (43% of the worldwide capitalistic production), it sells approximately 1/2 of molybdenum into Western Europe and Japan. It extracts natural gas, oil, potash, ores of lead, zinc, copper, and iron; it purchases the ores of other metals. It performs the smelting of copper, the production of ferronickel. The molybdenum ores are extracted at the "Climax" deposit within the Colorado state and at the "Henderson" mine.

(Table) Financial-economic indicators of the company
Indicators 1978 1979 1980
Sales, million dollars 1727.3 2865.4 2949.2
Assets, million dollars 3452.1 3936.6 5275.6
Net profit, million dollars 160.0 365.3 470.4
Investments, million dollars 386.6 420.0 632.0
Production, thousand tonnes:
molybdenum 38.2 33.9 46.4
coal 29787 34560 40500
potash 760 768 710
iron ore 7259 7333 6803
copper* 52.1 73.5 57.5
lead* 63.4 74.2 85.3
zinc* 18.2 21.2 19.9
*In case of the shared participation only the "AMAX" share is taken into account

It develops, together with the "Anaconda" company, the "Twin Butte" and "Palo Verde" deposits of the copper ore within the Arizona state. It extracts, together with the "Homestake Mining Co." (California state), the lead-zinc ores within the Missouri state. "AMAX" holds the 3rd place within the USA in the production of coal (the Illinois and Wyoming states). The extraction of potash is conducted in the Carlsbad, within the New Mexico state. Oil and natural gas are extracted within the 23 USA states, 3 provinces of Canada, Netherlands, and Western Australia. The extraction of oil and gas condensate has amounted to 151.9 thousand tonnes, the extraction of gas has amounted to 696.3 million cubic metres (1980). It is planned to restart the extraction of the molybdenum ore within the Kitsault region within Canada. There is studied the possibility of the development of the deposit at the Mount Emmons (Colorado state) and of the copper-molybdenum deposit at the Mount Tolman (Washington state). "AMAX" conducts the geological-exploratory works within the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, at the Fiji Islands.

The quantity of the employees at the "AMAX" enterprises in 1980 amounted to 20.4 thousand. See the Table.