Almalyk Mining-Metallurgical Combined Enterprise named after V.I.Lenin

Almalyk Mining-Metallurgical Combined Enterprise named after V.I.Lenin

ALMALYK MINING-METALLURGICAL COMBINED ENTERPRISE named after V.I.Lenin (RU: Алмалыкский горно-металлургический комбинат) is the enterprise for the extraction and processing of the copper-molybdenum and lead-zinc ores in the Tashkent province of the Uzbek SSR. It has been founded in 1949.

The extraction of the ores in this region was performed since the 3rd-2nd millennium BC on the basis of the group of the deposits, which are situated in the North Karamazar region. The enterprise works at the copper-molybdenum deposits, namely, Kalmakyr, Sarah-Ceku; the lead-zinc deposits, namely, Altyn-Topkan, Kurgashinkan; there are developed the Uch-Kulach, Palata, Pai-Bulav, Dalnee, Northern Altyn-Topkan deposits. The major industrial centre is the Almalyk city. It includes 4 open pit mines, an underground mine, 2 beneficiation plants, and others.

The Kalmakyr copper-porphyry deposit is represented by the ore stockwork among the granodiorites-porphyries. The major components of the ores: copper, sulfur, molybdenum, and others, there exist selenium and bismuth in the non-significant quantity. The deposit is developed by the open pit method (the transport system of the development). The major mining-transport equipment is the one-bucket excavators, dump trucks, electrical locomotives.

The Altyn-Topkan skarn lead-zinc deposit is confined to the tectonic block, which is formed by the carbonatic depositions of the Middle Paleozoic, which are overlain by the effusive rocks of the Upper Paleozoic. The mineralization is concentrated along the contacts of the dikes of the granodiorite-porphyries with the limestones. The major ore minerals are galena, sphalerite, there exist in the smaller quantity pyrite, chalcopyrite, magnetite, and others.

The method of the development of the deposit is the underground one (it was combined up to 1971). The deposit is unsealed by the adits and shafts. The systems of the development are the level-chamber system with the massive collapse of the pillars of the virgin ore, and the sublevel caving system with the release at the end. The major mining-transport equipment is the self-propelled drilling rigs, loading-delivering machines, electrical locomotives. The ore, after the crushing, is delivered by the cable-belt conveyor (7 kilometres) to the railway station. The Sarah-Ceku deposit is developed since 1974 by the open pit method (the transport system of the development). The ore at the beneficiation plants, after the crushing, is beneficiated by the flotation: the copper ores in the pneumatic and mechanical flotation machines, the lead-zinc ores according to the scheme of the selective flotation.