Alice Arm

ALICE ARM (EN: Alice Arm; RU: Алис-Арм) is the molybdenum deposit in Canada, in the British Columbia province. The deposit is hydrothermal of the stockwork type. It was explored in 1965-67, and was operated by the open pit method in 1967-72.

The mineralization is confined to the Paleogene intrusive stock (the quartzous monzonites and quartzous diorites), which is breaking through the volcanites at the eastern edge of the Coast Range batholith. The ore body has the shape of the vertical cylinder; it is situated in the hydrothermally altered rocks of the stock and partly in the hornfels.

The main ore mineral is the molybdenite; the veinous minerals are the quartz, fluorite. The reserves are 72 million tonnes of the ore with the 0.126% average Mo content. The production of the concentrate during 1968-71 was more than 10 thousand tonnes with 55% Mo content, and with 84% Mo recovery. The open pit mine has been mothballed (in 1972).