"ALEKSANDRIYAUGOL" (RU: Александрияуголь) is the productive consortium of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the Ukrainian SSR for the extraction of the coal in the Kirovograd (most of the enterprises), Cherkasy and Zhytomyr provinces. The administrative centre is the Oleksandriia city. The consortium has been established in 1976. It includes the 3 underground mines, the 5 open pit mines, the 2 briquette plants, the workshop for the repairing of the mining equipment, the workshop for the repairing and mechanical works, the computing centre, and other facilities.

The mining-extracting enterprises of the "Aleksandriyaugol" consortium develop the lignite deposits of the Dnieper coal basin. The seams distinguish themselves by the small depth of the embedment (15-200 metres), by the high water content, the host rocks are unstable, the thickness of the seams is 2-10 metres. The extraction of the coal in the underground mines is performed at the depth of about 100 metres, at the open pit mines at the depth of down to 90 metres. There is extracted by the underground method 27%, by the open pit method 73% of the coal. The underground mine fields are unsealed by the vertical and inclined shafts; there is used the pillar system of the development. The retreat mining extraction is performed by the mechanized complex apparatuses; they perform the preliminary mine workings by the combined heading machines. They deliver the coal by the conveyors from the stope to the loading places at the surface. They use at the open pit mines the systems of the development without the transportation of the waste rocks, with the conveying of the waste rocks to the dumps of the waste rocks, and with the transportation of the waste rocks to the remote places. Four open pit mines are equipped with the conveying-dumping bridges with the excavators of the continuous operation, one open pit mine is equipped with the complex apparatus for the stripping of the overburden. They use extensively the excavators with one bucket. The transport means are: the diesel locomotives, the electrical locomotives, the dump trucks, the conveyor lines, and others. The major products of the briquetting plants are the lignite briquettes; they are used as the domestic fuel in the rural regions; the part of the run-of-mine (ROM) coals (of the B mark) are used for the production of the mineral wax and for the sintering of the ores.