ALCOA, Aluminum Company of America

ALUMINUM COMPANY OF AMERICA (EN: ALCOA, Aluminum Company of America; RU: Алюминиум Компани оф Америка) is the multinational aluminium monopoly of the USA. It has been founded in 1888 within Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), under the name of "Pittsburgh Reduction Co.", and has been renamed in 1907 into the "ALCOA". It produces 30% of aluminium within the USA, and 15% of the products of the industrialized capitalistic and developing countries. The productive capacities constitute more than 2 million tonnes of primary aluminium per year. Till 1941, it was the only monopoly at the aluminium market within the USA.

(Table) Financial and economic indicators of the company
Indicators 1978 1979 1980
Sales, million dollars 4051.8 4785.6 5146.7
Assets, million dollars 4167.2 4711.2 5188.1
Net profit, million dollars 312.7 504.6 469.9
Investments, million dollars 349.8 420.0 637.8
Production of aluminium, million tonnes 1.78 1.89 1.88

"ALCOA" performs the extraction of the bauxites within the USA, Australia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Jamaica, Indonesia, Guinea. The significant part of the ore, which is extracted within these countries, is processed into alumina by the enterprises of the company. The "ALCOA of Australia" Australian company, which is controlled by it for 51%, is the largest producer of alumina (more than 3 million tonnes per year) among the industrialized capitalistic and developing countries.

Aluminium is smelted at the plants of "ALCOA" within the USA, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Suriname, and United Kingdom. The products, which are made of aluminium, are produced at the plants of the company within the Australia, France, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, and United Kingdom. It sells technology in the form of the licenses and "know-how", metallurgical equipment, has its own electrical power plants, transportation means, hotels, and other assets. 51 plants belong to it within the USA and abroad. "ALCOA" controls within the 17 countries (1980) more than 40 subsidiary and associated companies. The number of employees at the enterprises of "ALCOA" in 1980 constituted 45.6 thousand persons. See the Table.