Alcan Aluminium Limited

The financial and economic indicators of the company
Indicators 1978 1979 1980
Sales, million dollars 3552.3 4381.0 4992.0
Actives, million dollars 3967.5 4490.2 5470.0
Net profit, million dollars 297.0 427.5 542.0
Investments, million dollars 303.4 450.6 683.0
The production of the aluminium, thousand tonnes 1596.7 1532.0 1588.0

ALCAN ALUMINIUM LIMITED (EN: Alcan Aluminium Limited; RU: Алкэн Алюминиум) is the multinational aluminium monopoly of Canada. It has been founded in 1928 with the "Aluminium Limited" name. It has been renamed in 1966 to the "Alcan Aluminium Limited" name. It performs through its subsidiaries and associated companies the extraction of the bauxites in Australia, Brazil, France, Guinea, India, Malaysia, and Jamaica.

The productive capacities of the enterprises for the extraction of the bauxites (in 1980) are 6.4 million tonnes per year (the 3rd place among the bauxite-extracting companies). The capacities of the enterprises for the production of the alumina are 3 million tonnes per year (the 2nd place among the companies, which are engaged in the production of the alumina). The "Alcan Aluminium Limited" has the share of the participation in the capital of the companies, which are producing the alumina in Japan and Spain. It owns the enterprises for the smelting of the aluminium (it holds the 1st place in the world in the smelting of the primary aluminium).

The share of the "Alcan Aluminium Limited" in the worldwide capitalistic market of the aluminium is 12%. There constitute the parts of the "Alcan Aluminium Limited" the three scientific-research centres (two in Canada, one in the United Kingdom). The expenditures for the scientific researches are 47 million dollars (in 1980). See the table. The quantity of the employees at the "Alcan Aluminium Limited" enterprises in 1980 is 67 thousand persons.