Alapaevsk group of the iron ore deposits

ALAPAEVSK GROUP OF THE IRON ORE DEPOSITS (RU: Алапаевская группа железорудных месторождений) is located near the Alapaevsk city of the Sverdlovsk (oblast) province in the RSFSR, on the eastern slope of the Middle Urals mountain range. It is the oldest mining region of the Urals mountain range. The deposits are known since the early 18th century.

The Alapaevsk group includes 3 deposits (Alapaevsk, Zyryanovsk, Sinyachihinsk) and many ore manifestations of the brown iron ore of the infiltration-metasomatic, partly of the sedimentary genesis, which are deposited among the Mesozoic alluvial-proalluvial depositions ("beliki" in Russian). The ore depositions are of the tabular form, stretch for 1-7 kilometres, with the thickness of 1-50-70 metres. They are formed by the hydrogoethite and strigovite-hydrogoethite (difficult to beneficiate) ore. The content of the Fe in the ores is from 35 to 42%. The explored reserves are 41 million tonnes (1981). They were developed by the open pit and underground methods. The hydrogeological conditions of the development are complicated. The development has been stopped in 1970 according to the economic causes.