Akramhodzhaev, Abid Muratovich

AKRAMHODZHAEV, Abid Muratovich (RU: Акрамходжаев, Абид МуратовAkramhodzhaev, Abid Muratovichич) is the soviet geologist, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR (since 1966). He is the member of the CPSU since 1950. He graduated in 1945 from the Central Asian (now Tashkent, named after A.R.Biruni) polytechnic institute. He works since 1947 in the Institute of Geology of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR and the Tashkent polytechnic institute. He is the director of the Uzbek branch of the all-Union scientific-researching geological-exploratory oil institute (1957-59), the organizer and director of the Institute of geology and exploration of the oil and gas fields of the Ministry of geology of the Uzbek SSR (since 1959), the president of the Geographical society of the Uzbek SSR (since 1976).

Akramhodzhaev has created the uzbek scientific school of thought in the area of the oil geology and lithology. He has substantiated the stages of the formation of the zones of the oil and gas creation and of the oil and gas accumulation, has proposed the classification of the oil and gas maternal rocks, has proved the existence of the primary oil and gas hydrocarbons in the insoluble organic substance, and has modelled the processes of its transformation at the various stages of the lithogenesis. He has proposed the new variant of the volume-genetic method of the calculation of the forecasted reserves of the oil and gas (1973). He has been awarded with the State prize of the USSR (1979) for the discovery and exploration of the large reserves of the gas, gas condensate and gas sulfur in the reef complexes of Uzbekistan; he has been awarded with the prize named after I.M.Gubkin (1968) for the text work "The prospects of the industrial development of the new gas and oil region of the Western Uzbekistan (Karakalpak ASSR)".