Akhmedov, Hasan Abdul Ali oglu

Hasan Akhmedov

AKHMEDOV, Hasan Abdul Ali oglu (RU: Ахмедов, Гасан Абдул Али оглы) is the Soviet geologist, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR (since the 1967; the corresponding member since the 1962). He is the member of the CPSU since the 1939. After the graduation (1933) from the Azerbaijan oil institute (now the Azerbaijan institute of oil and chemistry named after M.Azizbekov), he worked as the geologist at the oil fields of Azerbaijan, during the 1949-81 at the scientific-research institute (during the 1951-55, he was the director of the Azerbaijan scientific-research petroleum geological exploration institute; during the 1965-76, he was the director of the Azerbaijan subsidiary of the All-Union scientific-research institute of the geophysical methods of exploration).

Akhmedov is one of the first organizers of the geological-prospecting and geophysical works for the identification of the industrial reservoirs of oil and gas within the Mesozoic depositions of Azerbaijan. The researches of Akhmedov assisted to the discovery and mastering of the oil-and-gas fields within the Western Absheron and Gobustan (Karadag, Kyanizadag, Duvanniy), and to the commissioning into the industrial development of the series of the promising areas (Anart, Utalgi, Alat ridge). He has been awarded the award named after I.M.Gubkin (1973) for the "Mesozoic depositions of Azerbaijan and the prospects of their oil-and-gas-bearing property" monograph.