Air jet

FREE AIR JET (EN: free air jet; DE: freier Luftstrahl; FR: jet d'air libre; ES: chorro de aire libre; RU: свободная воздушная струя) is the air stream, which is formed during the exit from the air duct into the space with the large volume, which has no solid boundaries. This air jet is used for the ventilation of the chambers, of the places near the stopes within the dead-end mine workings, and also for the airing of the open-pit mines. Depending on the shape of the cross-section, they distinguish the circular air jets (axisymmetric), and the flat air jets.

The air jet, which is spreading within the still air, is called the submerged air jet, while the air jet, which is contacting with the solid surface, is called the incomplete air jet. The angle of the opening of the air jet is determined by the structure of the air stream, which is flowing from the initial hole.