AGGLOMERATE (from the Latin word "agglomero", which means "to join, to accumulate" * EN: sinter, agglomerate; DE: Agglomerat, Sintergut, Sinter; FR: agglomerat, agglomere; ES: aglomerado, sinterizado; RU: агломерат).

1) The agglomerates in the petrography are the loose clusters of the heterogeneous in shape and size fragments of the rock and minerals mainly of the volcanic origin. During the grouting, the agglomerates form breccias, tuffs, etc. Sometimes they compose the so-called agglomerate lavas, which are the flows of the relatively cold, very viscous lava, which is broken into the series of the large boulders.

2) The agglomerates in the metallurgy are the fine grained or dust like ore, ore concentrate, and other materials, which are sintered into the lumps.