Afanasievskiy open pit mine

AFANASIEVSKIY OPEN PIT MINE (RU: Афанасьевский карьер) is the mining enterprise for the development of the Afanasievskoe deposit of the carbonatic rocks; it belongs to the "Voskresenskcement" productive consortium of the Glavzapadtsement of the Ministry of the industry of the building materials of the USSR. It is situated within the Voskresenskiy district of the Moscow province, on the right bank of the Moscow river. It has been commissioned during the 1964. There participate within the geological structure of the deposit the horizontally embedded Carboniferous, Jurassic, and Quaternary depositions.

There constitute the overburden rocks the Quaternary and Jurassic depositions (loams, the average thickness is 17 metres). The useful stratum is represented by the variegated marls (1-9 metres), which are sometimes separated by the layer of limestone (1-6 metres), by the dolomitic varieties, yet lower by the layer of the fine-grained dense limestone (1-4 metres, rarely up to 10 metres), which is underlain by marls (1-2 metres), and by the pack of the dolomitic rocks (the average thickness is 3.14 metres), with limestones (the average thickness is 6.5 metres). The marls and limestones are used as the cement raw materials, the dolomitic rocks are used for the processing into the limestone powder. The total reserves of the cement raw materials are 290 million tonnes.

They develop the deposit with 4 benches: the bench of the overburden is 16-18 metres; the extractive benches are 8-9 metres for the marl, 2.5-3.5 metres for the dolomite, 4-7 metres for the limestone. They conduct the overburden stripping works by the draglines and rotary complex (the removal of the rocks into the goaf space, and hauling into the internal dumps, are performed by the automobile transport). The total volume of the overburden stripping works is 3500 thousand cubic metres per year. The extractive works are performed by the excavators, the transportation of the raw materials is performed by the dump trucks. The annual extraction of the cement raw materials is 4200 thousand tonnes, of the dolomite for the production of the limestone powder is 520 thousand tonnes (1979). On the overburden stripping rocks, which have been stowed into the goaf space, they perform the seeding of the perennial grasses and the planting of the trees. The volume of the recultivation of the lands is 12-15 hectares per year.