AEROSOL (EN: aerosol; DE: Aerosol; FR: aerosol; ES: aerosol; RU: аэрозоль) are the solid or liquid particles, which are suspended within the gaseous medium; they exist within the atmosphere of the mines, quarries, beneficiation plants. According to the nature of the forming, they distinguish the dispersion and condensation aerosols.

The dispersion aerosols emerge during the spraying of the liquids, grinding of the solid substances, transition of the powders into the suspended state, destruction of the coal and rock massifs (drilling of the blastholes and wells, blasting works, work of the crushing installations, mining cutter-loader machines, excavators, and so on).

The condensation aerosols form themselves during the condensation of the vapours. The sizes of the particles within the aerosols range from 1 nanometre to the fractions of millimetre, their content within 1 cubic centimetre of the air ranges from several ones to several thousands. According to the weight concentration, there are being established the sanitary norms of the dust within the air at the mining enterprises. The aerosols with the high content of the harmful dust at the mines, quarries, beneficiation plants, can cause the specific diseases, namely, the pneumoconioses. The aerosols, which are containing the coal, aluminium, and other types of dust, are dangerous because of the possibility of their explosion. The fight with the aerosol pollution of the air at the mining enterprises is one of the most important problems; for the purposes of this fight, there is conducted the airing of the indoor spaces, are used the individual means for the protection, and so on.