Aerodynamic resistance of the mine working

AERODYNAMIC RESISTANCE OF THE MINE WORKING (EN: aerodynamic resistance of mine working; DE: aerodynamischer Grubenbauwiderstand; FR: resistance aerodynamique de la galerie; ES: resistencia aerodinamica de galerias; RU: аэродинамическое сопротивление выработки) is the counteraction to the movement of the air through the mine workings; it forms itself of the resistance of the friction, frontal and local resistances.

The aerodynamic resistance of the mine working is taken into account during the determination of the depressions of the individual mine workings, entire mine, during the choice of the main fans and fans of the local airing. It depends on the length of the mine working, area of the cross-section, perimeter, regime of the movement of the air.

The aerodynamic resistance of the mine working is determined experimentally under the mine conditions or analytically with the help of the semi-empirical dependencies. The decreasing of the aerodynamic resistance of the mine working within the mines is achieved by the increasing of the area of the cross section of the mine working, decreasing of its length, rounding of the turns, implementation of the smooth entrances and exits into the mine working, usage of the streamlined buntons within the shafts of the mines, decreasing of the roughness of the roof support, laying of the railway sleepers flush with the concrete foundation of the way, removing of the cable grating, and so on.