AERO-FLOCCULE (EN: airfloccule; DE: Aeroflocke; FR: flocule aerienne; ES: floculacion aerea; RU: аэрофлокула) is the aggregate, which is consisting of the solid particles and the bubbles of the air (or any gas). The forming of the aero-floccule proceeds within the liquid disperse systems during the sintering and aero-flocculation flotation, flotation-flocculation, flotation-gravity, electrical flotation of the sediments, ionic flotation, and flotation purification of the waste waters with the usage of the coagulants.

The aero-floccules assist to the improvement of the effectiveness of the process, especially during the extraction of the tiny particles (mineral sludges, chemical sediments, and others). The aero-floccules emerge in the presence of the specific flocculants, namely, apolar oils, long-chain collectors, in the absence of the intensive stirring of the liquid.