Aerial photographic survey

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY (EN: aerial photography, aerophotography; DE: Luftbildaufnahme; FR: photographie aerienne; ES: fotografia aerea; RU: аэрофотосъемка) is the remote method for the studying of the Earth's surface by the way of the photographing within the various ranges of the optical spectrum from the aeroplane or other aircrafts.

The aerial photographic survey is performed with the help of the special aerial photocamera at the specified vertical (vertical aerial photographic survey) or oblique (perspective aerial photographic survey) position of the optical axis. The aerial photographic survey includes the flight-imaging and photo-laboratory periods, and the field photogrammetric works. The flight-imaging period comprises the aeronautical computations, which are performed in accordance with the specified requirements for the aerial photographic survey, and the photographing of the terrain according to these computations. For the obtainment of the continuous photographic image of the part of the terrain, the aerial photographic survey is performed along the straight parallel routes with partial overlap of the adjacent aerial photographs of one route (longitudinal overlap) or of the adjacent routes (transverse overlap), which permits to determine the spatial coordinates of the points of the terrain.

During the laying of the routes for the aerial photographic survey, they use the special navigation equipment, for the determination of the spatial position of the aerial photographic images, they use the radio-altimeter (for the fixation of the height of the photographing), the statoscope (for the registration of the change of the altitude of the flight), the aerial radio-rangefinder (for the determination of the planned coordinates). The laboratory works consist of the chemical-photographic processing of the aerial photographic film, which has been exposed, the evaluation of the photographic quality of the aerial photographic survey, and the obtainment of the contact prints. The field photogrammetric works are being performed for the evaluation of the general quality of the aerial photographic survey. According to the contact prints, which have been montaged (loose leaf montage), there are conducted the measurements with the purpose of the final evaluation of the quality of the aerial photographic survey. They use the data of the aerial photographic survey within the mining craft and geology for the compilation of the plans of the open pit mines, for the preparation of the comprehensive program for the recultivation, during the geological mapping, the researches of the zone of the coastal shelf, the engineering-geological researches, and so on.