Active gas volume

ACTIVE GAS VOLUME (EN: active gas volume; DE: Aktives Gasvolumen; FR: volume actif du gaz; ES: volumen de gas activo; RU: активный объем газа) is the volume of the gas, which is pumped into the underground gas storage facility and taken from it annually during the normal cyclic operation.

The active volume of the gas is determined based on the specific geological conditions of the underground storage facility, as well as on the pressure in the connection point of the system of the underground storage to the trunk gas pipeline. In case of the low pressures in the storage facility and the high ones in the trunk gas pipelines, they use the compressor stations for the increasing of the pressure of the extracted gas. The share of the active volume of the gas in the complete volume of the gas in the underground storage facilities is 50-60% in the aquifers, 50-70% in the exhausted gas fields, and 80-90% in the artificial cavities. See also the Buffer volume of the gas article.