Acoustic stiffness of the rock

ACOUSTIC STIFFNESS OF THE ROCK (EN: acoustic stiffness of rock; DE: Schallharte der Gesteine; FR: durete acoustique des roches; ES: rigidez acustica de las rocas; RU: акустическая жесткость горных пород) is the ability of the rock to transmit the oscillating movement.

The value of the acoustic stiffness is equal to the product of the velocity of the propagation of the elastic waves in the rock and its density; it depends on the elastic properties of the rocks, their structural peculiarities, and mineral composition. The values of the acoustic stiffness of the rocks are (in the N • s/m3 units) 1.12-5.3 • 10^6 (clay), 1.2-1.6 • 10^7 (marble), 1.8-2.2 • 10^7 (diabase). The acoustic stiffness is considered during the evaluation of the status and properties of the rocks and massifs for the explosive and shock destruction of the rocks, seismic works, and others.