ABU SAFAH (RU: Абу-Сафа) is the oil field in the Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, one of the largest in the world. It is situated in the waters of the Persian Gulf, 50 kilometres to the north-east of the port of Ras Tanura. It is the part of the Persian Gulf oil and gas basin. It has been discovered in 1963, and is developed since 1966.

The initial recoverable oil reserves are 561 million tonnes. The oil field is in the conjunction with the brachyanticlinal structure of the 10x20 kilometres in size. The reservoir is stratified and domed.

The Upper Jurassic limestones are productive down to the depth of 2 kilometres. The collectors are porous and porous-cavernous. The initial reservoir (stratum) pressure is 22 megapascals, the temperature is 78 degrees Celsius. The density of the oil is 876 kilograms per cubic metre, the viscosity is 12.2 centipoises, the admixture of the sulfur chemical element is 2.6%.

There are the 18 gushing oil wells in operation, the annual production is 6.9 million tonnes (1980), the cumulative production (1981) is 70 million tonnes. There is the underwater oil pipeline to the port of Ras Tanura (Saudi Arabia). The oil field is operated by the "Saudi Aramco" oil company.