ABRASIVE STONE PROCESSING (EN: grinding, sanding, polishing; DE: schleifende Steinbearbeitung; FR: traitement abrasif de pierre; ES: tratamiento abrasivo de la piedra; RU: абразивная обработка камня) is the process of giving the desired shape, size, texture to the materials and products, which are made of the natural stone, with the help of the abrasive tool.

Is carried out by the loose or fixed (bonded) abrasive tool. In the first case, the cutting action is performed by the abrasive pulp (the mixture of the abrasive material with the particles of the rocks, various additives, and water, in the weight ratio of the solid phase to the liquid from 1:6 to 1:20), which is supplied under the working device by the ejector or pump methods in the closed loop (the strip sawing and the rough grinding of the hard rocks, the strand cutting of the rocks of the medium hardness and the hard rocks).

At the time of the abrasive stone processing by the fixed (bonded) abrasive tool, the process is carried out by the abrasive materials, which are fixed in the tool by the non-metallic binding (grinding, milling, profiling). The mechanism of the breaking of the rocks at the time of the abrasive stone processing is analogous to the processes of the stone processing by the diamond tool.