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All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute

ALL-UNION CORRESPONDENCE POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE of the Ministry of the Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR is situated within the Moscow city; the institute is the teaching-methodological centre for the correspondence education.

Ascending development

ASCENDING DEVELOPMENT is the procedure for the conducting of the underground mining works, in case of which there is processed primarily the lowest seam of the stratigraphic suite, the layer of the seam, or the level (tier), later the above-lying seam, and so on.

Aerial separator

AERIAL SEPARATOR is the device for the aerial classification.

Air-foam generator

AIR-FOAM GENERATOR is the installation for the extinguishing of the fires with the help of the foam; this generator is used at the mining enterprises (including within the underground mine workings).

Aerial cooling of the gas

AERIAL COOLING OF THE GAS is the lowering of the temperature of the natural and associated petroleum gases at the gas collection points, at the compressor stations of the trunk gas pipelines...

Air survey

AIR SURVEY is the complex of the works for the determination of the character of the distribution of the air within the mine workings of the underground mine (or of the part of this underground mine).

Air jet

FREE AIR JET is the air stream, which is formed during the exit from the air duct into the space with the large volume, which has no solid boundaries.

Aerial classification

AERIAL CLASSIFICATION is the fractionation of the industrial crushed materials, or of the natural powdered materials, according to the size and density of the particles...

Aerial curtain

AERIAL CURTAIN is the flow of the air within the mine working, which is directed at the certain angle relatively to the major ventilation stream.

Air wave

AIR WAVE, see within the "Blast wave" article.

Air distribution

AIR DISTRIBUTION within the underground mine is the totality of the established expenditures of the air within the branches of the ventilation network within the underground mine.

The aquifer system

AQUIFER SYSTEM is the totality of the aquifers or aquiferous zones, which are confined to the stratum of the determined age.


AQUIFER are the layers of the water-permeable rocks, which (layers) are homogeneous or similar according to the facial-lithological composition and hydrogelogical properties...

Accounting records

ACCOUNTING RECORDS WITHIN THE USSR are the continuous quantitative and qualitative representation for the financial-business activity of the enterprise (organization, and institution)...

Accounting balance sheet

ACCOUNTING BALANCE SHEET WITHIN THE USSR is the system for the summarized representation in the monetary form for the condition of the business assets, and of the sources of their forming...

Accounting reports of the mining enterprise

ACCOUNTING REPORTS OF THE MINING ENTERPRISE WITHIN THE USSR are the combination of the indicators of the financial-economic activity of the enterprises (organizations, institutions) during the determined reporting period...


AFRICA is the second largest mainland after Eurasia.


AFGHANISTAN, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, is the country within the South-Western Asia, at the Middle East. It borders the USSR to the north, Iran to the west, Pakistan and India to the south and east, China to the north-east.


ATMOSPHERE OF THE EARTH (from the Greek words "atmos" (vapour) and "sphaira" (ball)) is the gaseous envelope, which is surrounding the Earth, and is participating in its daily rotation.

Asbestos industry

ASBESTOS INDUSTRY is the sub-branch of the industry of the building materials within the USSR, which is engaged in the extraction and beneficiation of the asbestos ores, and in the production of the marketable asbestos.


"ASARCO" is the ore mining monopoly of the USA. It has been founded within the New Jersey state in the 1899 under the name of the "American Smelting and Refining Co.", and since the 1975, it is named the "Asarco".

Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic

Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, Armenia, is situated at the south of the Transcaucasia.


ARGENTINA, the Argentine Republic (Republica Argentina), is the country, which is occupying the south-eastern part of the South America continent, the eastern part of the Tierra del Fuego island, the nearby Isla de los Estados island, and other islands.


ANGOLA, the People's Republic of Angola (Republica Popular de Angola), is the state within the south-western Africa. It borders at the north and north-east with Congo and Zaire, at the south-east with Zambia...

Anatolian lignite basin

ANATOLIAN LIGNITE BASIN is one of the largest by the area of the lignite basins of the world, which is situated within the West (the Manisa and Kutahya provinces) and Central Anatolia (the Çorum, Amasya, and Bolu provinces), within Turkey.

Anaconda Co.

"ANACONDA" ("Anaconda Co.") is the mining-extracting company of the USA. It has been founded within the Montana state under the "Anaconda Copper Mining Co." name in 1895...


AMPHIBOLES is the large group of the rock-forming minerals of the class of silicates with the general formula (X,Y)7-8(Z4O11)2(OH,F,Cl)2...

Amudarya gas-oil-bearing province

AMUDARYA GAS-OIL-BEARING PROVINCE is located within the central and eastern parts of the Turkmen SSR, at the west of the Uzbek SSR (the area is 360 thousand square kilometres), at the north of Afghanistan and Iran (57 thousand square kilometres).

AMAX Inc. (American Metal Climax Inc.)

"AMAX" is the mining multinational monopoly of the USA. It has been founded in 1887 in New York with the "American Metal Co. Ltd." name.

ALCOA, Aluminum Company of America

ALUMINUM COMPANY OF AMERICA is the multinational aluminium monopoly of the USA. It has been founded in 1888 within Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), under the name of "Pittsburgh Reduction Co.", and has been renamed in 1907 into the "ALCOA".

Aluminium industry

ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY is the sub-branch of the non-ferrous metallurgy, which includes the enterprises for the extraction of the aluminium raw materials...


ALBERTA is the largest coal basin in the western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan provinces); the southern region of the basin, which is non-significant in the area terms, is located within the limits of the USA.


ALTAI is the mountain system of Asia, which is situated on the territory of the USSR, Mongolia, and China.

Alluvial placer deposits

ALLUVIAL PLACER DEPOSITS are the industrial accumulations of the grains of the useful minerals in the clastic depositions of the riverbed facies of the alluvium of the permanent and temporary water flows...

Alcan Aluminium Limited

ALCAN ALUMINIUM LIMITED is the multinational aluminium monopoly of Canada. It has been founded in 1928 with the "Aluminium Limited" name.


ALGERIA, People's Democratic Republic of Algeria (Arabic: الجمهورية الجزائرية الديمقراطية الشعبية; French: Republique Algerienne Democratique et Populaire), is the country within the North Africa, within the western part of the Mediterranean basin.


ALBANIA (Albanian: Shqipërisë), the People's Socialist Republic of Albania (Albanian: Republika Popullore Socialiste e Shqipërisë), is the country in the southern Europe

Aquitaine Oil and Gas Bearing Basin

AQUITAINE OIL AND GAS BEARING BASIN is located in the lowlands of the same name in the south of France and in the water area of the Bay of Biscay. The area is 152 thousand square kilometres.

Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic

AZERBAIJAN SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC, Azerbaijan, is located in the eastern part of the Transcaucasia.

Adriatic-Ionian oil and gas bearing basin

ADRIATIC-IONIAN OIL AND GAS BEARING BASIN occupies the water area of the seas, which have the same names, the eastern coast of Italy, and the western coastal parts of Yugoslavia and Albania.

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