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FLAMMABILITY of the explosive substances (EN: ignitability of explosives, inflammability of explosives, combustibility of explosives; DE: Entzundbarkeit der Sprengstoffe; FR: inflammabilite des explosifs; ES: inflamabilidad de los explosivos; RU: воспламеняемость взрывчатых веществ) is the sensitivity of the explosive substances to the ray of fire of the safety fuse. For the determination of the flammability, they place 1 gram of the explosive substances into the test tube, into which they introduce the end of the burning safety fuse. Depending on the distance, at which the explosive substance is ignited, they evaluate its flammability. Sometimes they determine the sensitivity of the explosive substances to the flame, by placing these substances into the campfire, while keeping them within the box with the length of the sides of 10 centimetres, which has been made of the sheet iron with the thickness of 1 millimetre. According to the sensitivity of the explosive substances to the ray of fire of the safety fuse, they distinguish: those substances, which are detonating because of the ray of fire (the initiating explosive substances); those substances, which are exploding or flashing (the gunpowder, and the dry nitrocellulose); those substances, which are igniting (tetryl, and dynamites); those substances, which are not igniting, and which are not exploding (ammonites, TNT, RDX). For the decreasing of the flammability, they introduce into the composition of the explosive substances those substances, the decomposition of which proceeds with the absorption of the heat (for example, the flame retardants).




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